Everyone knows Peter Troll

Peter Troll descended from the Faroese mountains at the turn of the millennium. And from day one, he has captivated the hearts of children.

The troll with fiery red hair and nine heads loves to sing. Together with the irresistible Grandmother Troll, who can play almost every instrument imaginable, the two have performed and entertained far and wide to the delight of children and the young at heart.

Everyone who lives in the Faroe Islands knows the television characters Peter Troll and his grandmother. This is not very surprising considering that the trolls have given countless concerts and entertained children since 2000. The trolls have also appeared in five films and released three CDs. Most children are well aware that they are not real trolls, but rather adults behind the masks. They may seem a little frightening to small children, but many generations of Faroese nursery children have spent countless hours watching Peter Troll on television. The theme of the films is that Peter Troll and Grandmother Troll try to live a relatively normal life in society but they have difficulty understanding the norms and distinguishing between right and wrong. The frisky and jolly grandmother is especially prone to breaking laws, so the trolls often have the police close on their heels. But no matter what trouble Peter Troll and Grandmother Troll get into, they have the understanding and sympathy of children and are always perceived as friendly trolls.

It is no wonder that all children love Peter Troll and his grandmother – they are neither scary nor dangerous. The trolls are good with children and they represent many traits that children see in themselves. Peter Troll can be discouraged and afraid one moment and very excited, dancing and happy the next. Grandmother Troll is not afraid of anything. She is brave – and stubborn as a mule. She can drive big trucks, sail large ships and fly both helicopters and airplanes. Peter Troll did not go to school for very long and he can only read and do arithmetic at a basic level, while Grandmother Troll thinks she knows everything but cannot read or do arithmetic.
Children’s eyes light up when the trolls take the stage. And after a rather wild and festive concert, nothing is as exciting as getting the chance to greet a pleasant Peter Troll and the wonderfully child-friendly Grandmother Troll.

This odd, yet enthralling couple have performed, danced and sung for almost all children in the Faroe Islands and they have also visited Denmark, Iceland and Greenland, where they received warm receptions.

Anything can happen when Peter Troll and his grandmother are involved, but it’s still good to know that everything usually ends well.

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